Ivory Summer Bracelets

Ivory Summer Bracelets


Be Chill. Live Free. Love Summer.

Our mission is to outfit as many wrists as we can with handmade bracelets that give back to animal rescues. We believe in employing artisans who love to create, and know that creativity is food to the soul.

Our charms are hand-picked to express our culture. Custom charms are all made in America, and enhance the natural beauty of each bracelet.

Our promise is to keep it simple. Colors are chosen to accent your mood, and thrive on your style. Adding a touch of flare to any outfit is our goal. You can wear each bracelet every day. They are waterproof, and durable enough to keep up with your life…no need to remove it…for weeks on end.

With every purchase, you are helping an animal in need. Thank you!